Dedicated to the Care and Maintenance of your Piano

For more than 40 years Joel Levine has been tuning and repairing pianos.  

His approach to piano work begins with an honest and practical attitude. How can the optimum results be achieved for his customer while considering their needs and budget? Careful evaluation of the piano, its potential and value as well as discussion with the owner allows us to devise a plan of action.  It could be a simple tuning and nothing more or even a total restoration.  A satisfied customer is always his goal.

I provide a variety of services to a wide array of customers.

Experience and Training:

  •  Brown University, Providence, RI  Since 2005 Care and Maintenance of Universities’ pianos, on call year round
  •  Community College of Rhode Island, Providence, RI  Since 2007
    Care and Maintenance of Colleges’ pianos, on call year round
  •  Rhode Island Philharmonic School, Providence, RI  Since 2009        
    Care and Maintenance of schools’ pianos, on call year round
  • Providence College
  •  Bernie Houle Piano, Warwick, RI  from 2003-2005        
    Tuned, repaired and rebuilt pianos
  •  Attended prestigious Steinway Technical Academy at Oberlin 2005    

One of twelve attendees selected from a nationwide pool of applicants

  •  Taylor Music Tuner and Technician, Willow Grove, PA from 1977-1985          
     Tuned and repaired 20-25 pianos per week
  •  Avery Piano Tuner and Technician, Providence, RI from 1978-1979          
    Tuned, repaired and rebuilt pianos
  •  Country Piano Shop, Flanders, NJ from 1975-1977        
    Apprenticeship, responsibilities included tuning, rebuilding, and refinishing vertical pianos, grand pianos, and player pianos

  •  Drew University, Madison, NJ from 1971-1975        
    Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music
  • Member of the Piano Technicians Guild since 1981
  •  Local Clients Include        

Music teachers, private tuning clients, professional musicians, churches and temples

  • Previous Institutional Clients Include        Maintenance and tuning for the East Providence and Cranston School District

Concert tuning for the Philadelphia Orchestra at the Academy of Music
Valley Forge Music Fair
Robin Hood Dell
Temple University
Musician Jorge Bolet, Frank Sinatra Jr.